Saturday, January 29, 2011

We need authors

if u want to be a author here u 1. must be resposible and not abuse ur power 2. we need ur email to add u 3. do not delete the blog 4.dont be rude because u have the power 4. dont change stuff without me or chrises permission. 5. do not post flame posts (posts that mkae ppl mad) 6. do not ever ever ever ever ever hurt anyone or cuss in ur posts or on anything. 7. we must be able to trust u. If u can do all those things than apply  by commenting on this post. I will only choose one of u.

this is a bad day in cp history

the only remaining funkytwin juju has quit cp. we will hold a farwell party for her valentines day at 7 pm cst time ( if u dont no wat time it is where u live LOOK IT UP! cause i wont) hopefully she will read this and come on cp but i doubt she will. on the good side cp has released the brown puffle u can find it and adopt one in the wilderness expedition if ur a memeber. but farwell juju aka 11 oreo 11 u will be missed my only request for u is to not give ur penguin away for i want 11 oreo 11 to be buried in time we will be having the funeral for jujus penguin 11 oreo 11 the the day after valentines day at 7 pm cst (again if u dont no the time for where u live LOOK IT UP!) please attend out of respect for juju ~Slush7557~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new land for us

hello chris99063 here and we have new land this is are servwe can plan found that no one uses it so we can plan at mountain every thing in mountain is ares sleet bandents own mountain

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hello sleet bandets

its me chris99063 and i hope today we can do a sleet bandets thing so slush go on xat chat and every one later today we will have it

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Report Cards!

Kayla activeness 100% passed___promotion overall A+

11 oreo 11 activeness 20.78% failed___demotion overall F+

Jonaslove activeness 0.0% failed____ demotion overall F-

ashleyDI activeness 50% passed___prmotion overall D+ (i am promoting ashley because she is being active on chats and on her site)
saka99 activness 0.0% failed___ demotion overall F-

Mew2Red activeness 50% passed___ promotion overall D+

pmorr activeness 94.9% passed ___ promotion overall A

woogieman activeness 0.0% failed___ rank stays overall F-

jerm77nieb activeness 0.0% failed___ rank stays same overall F-

reddy activemess 0.0% failed___ rank stays same overall F-

Chris99063 activeness 90.7% passed___ rank stays same overall A

Slush7557 activeness 100% passed___ rank stay same overall A+

Guys we can do better than this plz start commenting and have just a little commentment espically to our 2ic and 3ic good job to all of you who passed you deserve a promotion depending on how you did you might get a dubble promotion:D. now if we can get more ppl active we will have a party just plz start being more active me and chris work rlly hard for this army and it dosent work if ur not active so plz be active.   ~Slush7557~