Sleet bandits servers


capital Sleet ( main server always patrol and embasy that all allies are welcome to most people who are in Sleet bandit or suport us live here)

normal servers Klondike ( land grant from ACP)                                                                                         

matterhorn ( buisness district has facotries that produce our weapons and vehicles also a small airbase)

hokcey (major city and large airbase)
jack frost (shared with BMA blue miners army)

mukluk (small city experimental airplane base and medium airbase and marine base)

wind chill (backup capital if Sleet is taken over it is a major cty and is where most of our crops are made)

rocky road (training server you can find many Sleet bandit recruits there this is a medium city and a vital server to keep this server hides secrets in the under ground training weapons and vehicle testing this server is also important because this is the server with our main air base)

frozen (death trooper training server)

north pole (assassain training)                          

Allies: MIP (Military Inteligence Penguins)     Phoenix Bandits Of Cp    BMA (Blue Miners Army)

Neutral: Blue robbers                  

Enemies: CPU (Club Penguin union)


  1. Hello! This is Sledderboy owner of Phoenix Bandits and Sledderboy Cp Cheats!

    Thank you very much for your offer to become our allie. I have accepted this offer . And dont worry, our army wont be big enough to conquer Zipline from ACP. I actually look up to ACP as they rock. I was part of them for a few months but i left. They influenced me to create my army.
    Thank you and we the Phoenix Bandits look forward to assisting you in battles agains your enemies.
    Happy New Year!

  2. happy new year and im in ACP to they inspired us hear to make sp and if you want to join u i just put u on allies list

  3. i keep forgeting to add my name srry ok here ~Slush7557~

  4. Hey...wanna be the Blue robbers allies? Please reply immediatly! Dont hesitate! P.S we both have sleet as a capital so we can do a LGB (Land grant battle) the lgb is when we have to battle and the winners go around the island,saying " _____ claimed by ______!!" Your choice to be an allie or and enemy...
    ~the awsome saka98~

  5. Go to for more info

  6. well cant u just let us keep sleet its sorta why were called the sleet bandits not whatever kinda bandits nor red bandits or cp bandits so i rlly dont want to fight but cant u choose a different server ~Slush7557~

  7. Ok we have a different server go to (I THINK)

    Well yeah still. I dont have any fights cuz 1. Im the only one in army 2. I cant overtake ppl with one penguin. My sisters own random girls. They need a better uniform. Im blue. there idk.
    They need to act like they have a website. angry ness
    Ps. Im using openID